Financial Services:

Introduction of for Community Bank

  Written by Operations & Marketing Divisions


Our client, a regional retail and business bank was faced with the challenge of selling business clients services with outdated tools and technology making it difficult for the bankers to remain informed and competitive.

Solution Delivered

Sterling conducted an inventory of all current sales, sales support, marketing and training materials used by three divisions at the bank. This included all print and online materials. Assessed the materials to determine what materials needed to be updated and/or developed to support business prospecting and sales in the three most profitable divisions of the bank.

Surveyed key stake holders, assessed findings and provided recommendations to senior management. We identified four phases for constructing and deploying new content. We recommended parallel efforts to support deployment including training, infrastructure upgrades and sales portal technology.

Provided copy writers and one project manager to deliver. Additionally, we conducted senior management strategy sessions to outline a comprehensive sales tool kit to lay the foundation for a more robust sales foundation with the infrastructure to support the effort.