Financial Services:

Created Sales Training Basics Curriculum for National Bank

  Written by Operations & Marketing Divisions


Helping a consumer oriented bank actively acquire small business clients. Our client, a National Retail bank, offered an unsecured line of credit (LOC) to 30 community banks under the community bank’s brand to boost small business banking penetration. But most bankers in the community banks were not accustomed to serving the small business segment, and the added challenge of a new product introduction created hurdles.

Solution Delivered

Conducted an assessment of the success of a small business lending product in New England using a questionnaire and telephone interviews. The results demonstrated that the bankers were challenged in developing small business banking relationships.

Our consultants worked to migrate these smaller banks to a culture of seeking and serving small business relationships, including a refresher course on “Sales Basics” to provide bankers with more confidence and knowledge in their communications skills.

We provided specific recommendations unique to each bank to revisit their hiring practices to actively hire sales oriented bankers, to reinvest in training and retraining, and to enhance or to develop marketing tools to attract and maintain small business customers.